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Why I Love my Start-up Job

When and if you decide to work in a start-up, people give you a million reasons to dissuade you. Foremost being start-ups aren’t established, there is no certainty in a company that isn’t making a billion dollars each month. Second being, you might not get enough money, and third there is too much work, you don’t have a life. Another reason could be, your list of responsibilities is too large.

Maybe all of this right, you certainly have a lot of work and too many responsibilities. The targets are huge and there are lesser people to work on these targets.  And money isn’t great either. Before I go ahead with anything I will make it clear I don’t have any experience working with a corporate and most probably I never will.

Infact the only work experience I have is 8 months of working in a start-up that is exactly 8 months old. I have been frowned up, no maybe, looked down upon for making this choice. I could have studied more or opted to go through the awfully taxing and monotonous procedure of college placements. I didn’t deem myself suitable for the latter, and I was not sure what I wanted to study. And this is why I chose to work with a start-up to figure out my life and career. And trust me when I say, I have never learnt more in 20 years of my life, than I have in the past 8 months.

I set out thinking I will become a writer, and conquer the media world but the universe had better plans. I learnt how write but something else – that is code – something that an engineering college couldn’t teach me in 4 years and something I believed I could never do. Sometimes, you surprise yourself. I am still not acing at it, but I love it, I have learnt to learn instead of giving up easily.

At a start-up you are expected to do a lot, including things you didn’t sign up for. But that’s what makes it a joyride, being able to do the unexpected and the impossible. I started as a content person, began learning digital marketing, and finally have started working on the product end. There are times when it is more than exasperating and things are not the way you want them to be. But in the end all of it is worth it. You begin to realize you are not working for money, there is altogether a different reason to work and that is to make things work. You never you could be next Whatsapp or Instatgram, and that hope never can die.

You have the freedom to think, innovate and make your own decisions. And that’s what I love about the entire experience. Most of my friends are working in corporates and IT companies, I haven’t yet met anyone enjoying and loving their work.

A start-up allows you to be you – it helps you rediscover your creative self. I am sure I am never regretting this decision. I still don’t know the direction I am in, but I like the journey and to me it seems to be the right direction.

Why Feminism?


The moment you claim to be a feminist you are assumed to be a whiny, liberal, bra burning misandrist involving in male bashing. Feminism is anything but that. Feminism is anti-misogyny but not pro-misandry. It is not for matriarchy but is against patriarchy. Feminism is instilling a feeling of equality among men and women. A man can be a nurse without being called gay and a woman can be a mechanic without being called manly.

There are times when people question whether feminism is something the world needs. But is that even a question to be raised? How many times do you hear about a man being raped by a woman? Is a man looked down upon or called ugly if he goes out wearing shorts with hair on his legs? It is so disgusting to live in a world where women are treated as objects of pleasure, where rape jokes are cracked and women are still held responsible for rapes.

Feminist theory, which emerged from feminist movements, aims to understand the nature of gender inequality by knowing more about the social and political roles of women. Feminism is a radical notion that women are humans beings just like men. Equality among men and women is not a concept, it is something all of us should be striving for, because the misogyny that exists in all cultures is not a part of human existence. It kills the purpose of an amicable co-existence, it discriminates two human beings whose prowess cannot be and should not be differentiated.

I do not want to be feminist to rule the world, I need it because someone groped me when I was nine, when I didn’t even know what it meant. We need feminism because we do not want that every time a woman walks on the street lewd gestures or comments are passed. We need feminism because the size of our breasts does not determine our worth. We need feminism so that a man can cry or express his feelings without being called a loser or a whimp. Emotions are not manly or womanly, they are just human.

Women have been called the weaker sex for time that seems like more than forever. Out of  7 billion people in world roughly 1 billion women are sexually assaulted, they get bottles shoved inside them, are victims of acid attacks and many more horrendous crimes we cannot imagine happening in our worst nightmares. A woman isn’t raped because she was drinking at midnight, or because of what she was wearing or because she wasn’t careful enough. She is raped because someone did that to her, someone who thought himself he had the right to exploit a woman’s body in any way.   And that is why we need the moment called feminism and need to fight for gender equality.

There are issues that I didn’t even address here, equal pay for equal work, being regarded as humans with equal intelligence. These are things that need to be dealt with as well. Isn’t it outrageous when a man working as your equal at workplace gets a higher pay?  We need feminism for every valid reason, true well-understood feminism to change the archaic and demented beliefs we have now followed for centuries.

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Books, Poverty and Exams

This is a random rant post because I am bored and boring. I have a lot to write about, but can’t think of a single thing at a time. So I will squeeze it all here and confuse you too. Because I am confused, I don’t know why but I am. Exams are around the corner, I need to study for university exams, entrance exams and for GRE. 

I have to study, that’s what I remind myself every hour, but when I try studying, I get distracted by more interesting books in my room. I am reading Poor Economics, Siddartha and Beyond the Wall all at the same time. Siddartha is at the initial stages and I am sure a lot of you know about it so I will skip that.

Poor economics is my first read on economics, I picked it up because it said “for anyone who cares about the world poverty.” When I am half done with that book, I am wondering what are the solutions to get rid of poverty all across the world. It seems like an impossible task. Poor people are poor sometimes because of choice, and even if they want to they can’t escape the vicious circle of poverty, Abhijit V Banerjee, calls it the poverty trap. If you are interested in poverty and want to know what are the economics of poor, this book is highly recommended. Although I hope by the end there are some solutions to poverty. 

Beyond the wall:Writing a Path through Palestine is a tiny book by Bidisha, a writer, critic and TV and radio broadcaster. She ventures into refugee camps in the West Bank. She writes about the unheard voices and their misery in Israel. Bidisha amplifies the voices of the Palestinian people in this book and lends them her own considerable strength. 

Another book I kind of find interesting is my ATM( asynchronous transfer mode) book. Networking is an interesting part of computer engineering. Although writing exams ruins the fun and makes it boring. 

Moving over books, I had a miserable debate two days back, I was to talk against internet.I managed to put across a lot of points but my team didn’t make it. How in the world are we supposed to consider internet a curse? I can’t think of a life without internet, it is like my lifeline. I am online 24/7, I check my mail in sleep. Anyhow, I detest losing in debates but I curse the organizers for the pathetic topic they imposed on us.

Probably that is all for now. I have a pending post on my trip to Nanital, will put it up soon. Also I am really kicked about something but I think I cannot mention it right now. So fellows, brace yourself for something legendary. Coming up soon!!


For the love of Music

Music is something that can bind people. Everyone listens to music, you can have endless conversations on music, about music or just sing songs together. I can talk about music with everyone, from my aunts, uncles, grandparents to my friends. One of my best friends became my friend because we sat together in a bus and eventually got talking about our playlists. She was the only one in college who had heard one of my favorite songs, although can’t remember which one.

So for the love of music I decided I’d share my tracks on the blog every now and then. I would love my readers my readers to share their favorite tracks. Add me on And for now here the few of the tracks I am hooked to right now.

1) 3 Rounds and a sound-Blind Pilot

I recently stumbled upon this band, and have fallen in love with their songs, but this one is my favorite. This is the title song of their debut album. Blind Pilot is an Indie Folk band.

Blooming up from the ground
Three rounds and a sound
Like whispering you know me
You know me

2) I’ve got this friend-The Civil wars

This is a beautiful song,  I assume this song is about two narrator’s expressing their feelings for each other, under the facade that they are discussing the romantic potential of their two friends. I love how the two are presented as incredibly guarded, “Holding onto her heart like it’s a little secret“. It has a nice melody and ring to it.

Oh, if the right one came
If the right one came along
Oh, if the right one came, along

3) Rivers and Roads-The Head and the Heart

Rivers and roads can make anyone cry. Listen to it for yourself. Also I really like the video for this. This song somehow makes me think what life will be like after one year when I graduate and leave college and with my brother in a far away state already even more so.


A year from now we’ll all be gone
All our friends will move away
And they’re going to better places
But our friends will be gone away

That’s all for now, hoping to know what you are listening to.

Where is the Indian Patriotism and Leadership?

I watched ‘Bose-The Forgotten Hero’ sometime back, a movie that released in 2005.  At the end of the movie, I was left wondering, why is this generation of Indians not patriotic? Why is the feeling of ownership, the sense of belonging to a nation, missing in most of us? The Indian freedom struggle saw immense patriotism but now it seems to have died. Honestly, I am not a hard-core patriot either, but when I introspect I manage to get a few answers.
I belong to a country which has a third of the world’s poorest people, where corruption prevails everywhere, leaders think wearing skirts and eating chowmein leads to rape, terrorist attacks are forgotten in two days and martyrs in one. These facts are definitely nothing to be proud of. Don’t get me wrong, I am no India-hating hypocrite, I am simply pointing out the things which actively prevent one from being a patriot.

Recently, I came across an article about a RAW agent posted in Pakistan, who helped our country immensely during the war, was caught and finally breathed his last in a Pakistan jail in 2001. The result of such outstanding work was: the Indian government refused to recognise him as a citizen; his mother was given a compensation of INR 1200. 
How can a country show such apathy in a situation like this? And this is just one example, there are a million others. With such occurrences, the feeling of patriotism is liable to die out.

It’s quite ironical that almost every one of us is a fanatic when it comes to our religion or our mother tongue, but when it comes to our country we lack that something substantial. Today, religious loyalty is greater than patriotism. And let us not even delve into the small section of people who go out on streets to confuse jingoism with patriotism.

Another deterrent is that we Indians are unable to define our identity vividly and even after sixty-five years of independence hang from the labyrinth of dogmas and doctrines of secularism, communalism, regionalism, Marxism, Leninism, Maoism and what  not. The simple doctrine of patriotism forgotten and buried in books of Indian history.
Swami Vivekananda, considered as India’s most influential patriot had devised a revolutionary concept of patriotism which he called practical patriotism. He said that patriotism does not mean mere sentiment or even emotional love for the motherland, but a passion to serve fellow countrymen. Until and unless that feeling arises in us we cannot call ourselves patriots. Supporting Indian cricket team in a match against Pakistan, wearing kurtas or singing patriotic songs does not make us one.
The Indian Army is now facing a shortage of officers, so is the Indian Civil Services. Despite the fact that both provide great pay package and other facilities. So what is it that refrains the youth of the country to take up these jobs and work for the country?

From a country of great leaders we have now degenerated into a country of demagogues, struggling at every point. We lack the likes of Bose, Gandhi, Nehru, Bhagat Singh, the ones who could ignite that feeling of inheritance. Nobody sees a role model in the likes of Rahul Gandhi and Mayawati, and well, if you do, I’m sorry to say, you need a reality check.
In a speech, President Obama said “There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America; there’s the United States of America.” He got the most roaring applause from the audience.
When was the last time we heard an Indian leader talk like that?

Being Twenty


After two years on Teenage Babbling and turning twenty I felt the need of a new blog. Being twenty will be a fresher, newer and re-vamped version of Teenage Babbling.Honestly being twenty and nineteen are the same.

I am just another girl, a lot of people will contradict that saying I am a tomboy.I like being optimistic and am a little confused, maybe a lot more than little. I like being onto something all the time.

Apart from writing and following NEWS I love reading books and listening to good music. Driving and swimming excite me like nothing else. You can call me adventurous, I want to try all the adventure sports at least once, although until now I only have one in-the-middle-of-the-city bungee jump to my credit. A lover of cheese, friends think even my pick-up lines are cheesy because of the high intake of cheese.

Being twenty is fun, nothing goes wrong when you are twenty. You are neither too young nor too old.Through this blog I want the world to know what I think of it, what are my sane and insane thoughts and sometimes you have bear with my ramblings. If you have been reading my previous blog you probably know about my thought process, if you haven’t, well then it is not too late, Being Twenty is right here for you.

Looking forward to write more often and more than that hearing from all my readers.

Signing off

Srishti Kush