Chaos is good

When you are 20 something and your career is just taking off you are bound to get a million thoughts, decisions need to be made and opportunities grabbed. There is only word to define the turmoil in your head – ‘chaos’, chaos in a good way.

Dreams start becoming realties; you are there but still not there. There is no set pattern for anything, no specific key to success; you struggle to find your way out. At every step, you question yourself – Am I doing the right thing? What if this doesn’t work? What will I do if I fail?

You realize life isn’t exactly the fairytale you thought it would be, but instead it is a roller coaster. What would you prefer a roller coaster joyride or a simple bland fairytale? I for sure, would opt for the crazy roller coaster, you don’t know what is happening next, it is insane, gives you the thrills but you still know you will land in a safe place in the end. And until you don’t land in that place, the ride continues.

There is impatience, you are restless to hit the nail in the right spot and it is maddening because everything is unfortunately not completely in your control.

Looking back at history, humans have evolved in unpredictable and chaotic hunter-gatherer environments where everything went on unpredictably. But it is a proof chaos isn’t a pit, it is a ladder. I am not sure if I am the right person to say this, but it is in these chaotic times we discover ourselves and our true selves emerge.

Chaos wakes you up, shakes you into awareness, shows you, that you have limits and makes you finally say “That’s enough!” and take action. All great things are preceded by chaos; it is the gateway to a peaceful and satisfied living. Chaos is part of your calling, part of the adventure that life needs to be. At 20 something you don’t know the direction you are in but the best option is to do what is right and love the chaotic journey and trust your instincts.

When you start living your life, when you take your power back from people, places and things, when you start trusting The Universe – there is one very important thing to keep in mind: chaos happens. Embrace it, conquer it.

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Bucket List For 2014 (whatever is left of it)






Keeping it short and sweet. Year end, will do a post on what I ticked off the list.

Couple of things that I never put down but did this year-

1) Got a job

2) Trekked into the wild

3) Danced the night away (quiet huge for a non-dancer like me)

4) One good vacation

5) Lived with friends

6) Bought a guitar

7) Moved cities

And rest I can’t recall. See you more often now!

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