Why I don’t like Superhero movies

When I tell people I don’t like watching superhero movies, they gape and stare at me as if I told them I was Spiderman’s girlfriend. What’s wrong with not liking Ironman, Superman, Batman or any of the insanely divine men from the planet that doesn’t exist? Wait a second, these igneous super beings do not exist either.

It is bizarre to follow and adulate  superheroes. People, ‘full-fledged grown-ups’ I know talk as if these guys were real. They idolize Ironman for creating iron suits, many lamented the fact, he destroyed them all in the last movie. Fine guys, get a grip! What is the big deal?

Nowhere in future will a hero be born after being bitten by a spider. I agree, technology used in these movies can floor anyone.  Holography, real time and the flying vehicles are plausible but flying men or men flinging spider webs is just beyond me. We can witness these stupendous technologies outside of Superhero movies.

Alright, I agree, I was one of the madcaps who secretly hoped to receive her Hogwarts letter at eleven or wanted to have flying dragons like Eragon or maybe even wanted a ride in the Batmobile. I did love the first two editions of Ironman when they came and even the earlier Spidey movies.

But there is an extent to which we can watch and take in such fantasy. These stories are surreal and unconvincing. We create superheroes to solve the problems we otherwise cannot.

And if you claim to learn life lessons from Superheroes, well then fellows, you can get the same lessons from the people who exist in the real world, not some fiction land existing in the brain of a highly imaginative being.

If you want to watch the movies for the effects and technology, then probably you should because no other genre has the same elements. But I would any day prefer watching something like Armageddon or Deep Impact over a Man of Steel.

Fine, now all you superhero boot-lickers can begin reprimanding me and my taste in movies, which I bet according to you all is crummy. Bring it on fellas!


12 comments on “Why I don’t like Superhero movies

  1. Well well, speak of the devil.. I won’t justify or defend the existence of a fictional superhero universe around us. But I’ll say that the thing I really like about this universe has nothing to do with the movies or their underpants-above-trousers fashion sense (forgive them, those were the pre-WWI era). I like the escapism it provides and appreciate it equal to be enjoying a novel.

    P.S. Batman isn’t exactly a ‘Super’hero, but I see you’ve tagged him first!

    • Maybe yeah, but there are other types of fiction,more realistic and believable ones.I don’t have anything against superheores, it is just don’t like it much and can’t understand people’s obsession.

      • And I’m guessing you’re not a fan of Harry Potter, eh? That is also unrealistic and fantastic and the reaction to the books have hugely bordered on to hero-worshiping. But I will agree with you on the ‘obsession’ part. Many people do go on and on about em, without much of a cover story regarding it’s literature background.

      • As a matter of fact I used to be a HUGE Harry Potter fan, mentioned that above, spent my teenage reading HP books. But I am not keen on it anymore.Loved the Inheritance series as well.

      • I am sorry if misunderstood .. I did not say .. you cannot .. I said why to and that was a general statement .. 🙂 plz do not take it as limitation of my knowledge 🙂 or an intention to criticize your thoughts !

  2. I might be the only one amongst my friends who doesn’t like this whole superheroes saving the day thing. Mostly cuz its never presented in a realistic enough way for me to care enough about these characters. Fantasy always has an element of awe in it to the point of sheer visual or creative artistic fidelity, but I would rather prefer real life examples of people saving the day rather than say a guy running around in a bat costume, punching gangsters and still never getting shot in the fuckin head.

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