Books, Poverty and Exams

This is a random rant post because I am bored and boring. I have a lot to write about, but can’t think of a single thing at a time. So I will squeeze it all here and confuse you too. Because I am confused, I don’t know why but I am. Exams are around the corner, I need to study for university exams, entrance exams and for GRE. 

I have to study, that’s what I remind myself every hour, but when I try studying, I get distracted by more interesting books in my room. I am reading Poor Economics, Siddartha and Beyond the Wall all at the same time. Siddartha is at the initial stages and I am sure a lot of you know about it so I will skip that.

Poor economics is my first read on economics, I picked it up because it said “for anyone who cares about the world poverty.” When I am half done with that book, I am wondering what are the solutions to get rid of poverty all across the world. It seems like an impossible task. Poor people are poor sometimes because of choice, and even if they want to they can’t escape the vicious circle of poverty, Abhijit V Banerjee, calls it the poverty trap. If you are interested in poverty and want to know what are the economics of poor, this book is highly recommended. Although I hope by the end there are some solutions to poverty. 

Beyond the wall:Writing a Path through Palestine is a tiny book by Bidisha, a writer, critic and TV and radio broadcaster. She ventures into refugee camps in the West Bank. She writes about the unheard voices and their misery in Israel. Bidisha amplifies the voices of the Palestinian people in this book and lends them her own considerable strength. 

Another book I kind of find interesting is my ATM( asynchronous transfer mode) book. Networking is an interesting part of computer engineering. Although writing exams ruins the fun and makes it boring. 

Moving over books, I had a miserable debate two days back, I was to talk against internet.I managed to put across a lot of points but my team didn’t make it. How in the world are we supposed to consider internet a curse? I can’t think of a life without internet, it is like my lifeline. I am online 24/7, I check my mail in sleep. Anyhow, I detest losing in debates but I curse the organizers for the pathetic topic they imposed on us.

Probably that is all for now. I have a pending post on my trip to Nanital, will put it up soon. Also I am really kicked about something but I think I cannot mention it right now. So fellows, brace yourself for something legendary. Coming up soon!!



4 comments on “Books, Poverty and Exams

  1. nice post. Internet can be a curse.Its the biggest deviation which the youth faces today. Deviations like facebook,games,vulgarity etc. Imagine the youth before internet, they used to go outdoors, make friends, talk,exchange views, learn from experiences and built up their personality. Internet is boon in disguise.

    • I agree, apart from being a distraction, it has other disadvantages as well. Hacking, cyber-crime, there is no censorship of the content put up. The internet users need to know how to use it judiciously.

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