What is wrong with the Education System?

Indian education system has always been somewhat twisted, it has major drawbacks. No amount of changes like CCE and whatever has been coming up since I left school in 2008 will do it any good. I might not be an expert but when I judge from a student’s eye, I know something is horribly wrong with this system. Why do I say this? I will slowly and steadily unfurl my reasons in this post.

I will narrate an incident which I happen to remember from the time when I was a naive second grader. My teacher had given the class an essay titled “My Daily Routine”, she had dictated us that essay, and we were to narrate the same  essay in the class. The kids who spoke before me, quoted the exact words of the teacher’s essay. When my turn came I probably thought it was cool to throw in some facts from my own routine, so instead of being a parrot I decided to narrate my own version of the essay. Lo and behold!! I had gone horribly wrong, in thinking it was cool to have my own version. The class laughed, the teacher ridiculed and that is where the creativity of a seven year old died. I was too young to understand, there was nothing wrong in being differing from the crowd. Until and unless you are right there is absolutely nothing WRONG! I could not, despite wanting to, differ from the teacher, I wasn’t wrong, it was something very small but the teacher refused to accept something that was original.

Another incident, this one more vivid from the faded pages of my memory. Fast forward to second grade to ninth. Again an English class, we were reading the famous and now my favorite poem, The Road not Taken by Robert Frost. The teacher raised a question,           ” how many of you will follow the road not taken?” I raised my arm up high, sure my class-mates would do the same, I looked around. To my utter disbelief I was the solitary one who dared to prefer the road not taken. The bigger shock came when the teacher thought it was always a better idea to take the road more traveled upon rather than treading on the so called road not taken. She had totally killed the essence of the poem. This time again the teacher had discouraged her pupils from being creative.

These are just two examples I can recall but they are more than enough to be alibis of the fact that Indian Education system curbs creativity. There is no room for creativity, it was and will always be the greatest promoter of rote learning. I know there will be a lot of fingers raised when I state that, but folks one odd student from each school cannot change this fact. The majority is still running in the rat race trying to bell the cat. I don’t know how CCE works, but I see no change. All I gather from the few respected educators, my mother being one of them, the entire situation is the same with little change.

If I am in touch with school education anymore, it is because of my mother, a veteran in this area, the things she tells me about her students are somewhat disheartening. They are not empathetic towards each other or the society, they call each other names, differentiate each other on the basis of skin color. Most of this is not new, we have probably all done that but why can’t we change it? What good is it learning math when you make fun of the kid from economically weaker section in your class? If instead of helping  a classmate with a physical disability you jeer at him, what use is your education? The kids have forgotten their moral values and the educators their duty to inculcate those values in them.

Before asking these young people to pick up books and teaching them the alphabets we need to first teach them how to be humane, education is certainly important but while imparting education we mustn’t forget the basics like the need to respect fellow human beings. This is where the system goes wrong, it focuses on rote learning, scores and competition. I think there are many other factors where the system might be wrong but right now these two things need an immediate change. The fire in creative minds should never be doused and the students should not be just taught from the books but should be given some real life lessons. I strongly believe if we need a better country to live in, a country with a bright future, creative minds and empathetic leaders we need to revolutionize the education system.


The Liebester Award goes to…

the-liebster-awardI was quite infrequent in December and January when it came to blogging. This month I decided to begin a new blog and work on it seriously. A week later I was nominated for this award thanks to Flames of Thoughts. It came as a pleasant surprise.

Now something about this award:

  •  Liebster means you love some fellow blogger’s work and want to appreciate it by this gesture.
  • You have to post 11 things about yourself, after you get the nominations.
  • You have to answer 11 questions, asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  • You have to nominate 11 other bloggers having less than 200 followers, like you were nominated.
  • Notify your nominations candidates by commenting on their blogs.
  • Post Liebster’s picture on your post as a gesture of acceptance.

Here are the 11 random things about me:

1) I love driving, especially on highways and at night.

2) I cannot stand people who gossip, hate gossiping myself, absolutely abhor double faced people and generally confront them.

3) I can live on pepsi, cheese and chocolates. Pepsi is like dope to me, it energizes me instantaneously and chocolate should generally be plain or dark, no caramel. I used to love snickers but got bored of it.

4) I am practical in most of the situations but an idealist when it comes to relationships.

5) I don’t like Math at all, not even a bit but somehow I always have to do it. Whenever I think I have gotten rid of it it comes back to me.

6) I am a little scared of driving a two-wheelers but when it comes to riding the pillion, I love it, even more so when the weather is pleasant or it is cold. Nothing feels like the cold winter chill when you are riding on a two-wheeler, it is just amazing.

7) I like being around water bodies, beaches, lakes, dam, anything and everything even swimming pool. They are always calm, serene and relaxing. Reason why Sukhna lake is my favorite spot in Chandigarh. I can never get bored of going there.

8) Well this is kind of obvious, I love my mom the most.

9) I absolutely hate quarrels whether it is me quarreling or people around me.

10) I am not a huge talker, prefer listening and if it is a senseless conversation I am probably not even listening.

11) Lately, I have been forgetting things too much. I go to the grocers and forget what I was there for, I don’t remember where I keep things, so yeah I have a bad memory.

Now the eleven answers to Flames of thoughts questions:

1)  What would you do if there wouldn’t be any water on earth?
Look for  a substitute or go on a journey to discover a planet with water.

2) What is one thing that makes you sick, but you still do it?
Can’t really think of anything. Attend classes maybe? I always get a headache when I try to listen to the professors.

3) What if your blog gets a ‘Simply stupid award’?
Does that exist? I will probably tell my friends, who generally think I am not stupid and crazy like they are.

4) What is the most amazing abuse anyone has ever given you?
You are an absolute bitch, I thanked the person who said this.

5) What is your idea of world after 100 years?
Complete chaos.

6)What will happen if you become the President of your country for rest of your life?
There are a million things I can think of, littering will be banned in this country, stricter laws, immense security for women. This is just a few things. This question can be answered in a complete post.

7) What was the most embarrassing situation you ever faced?
My friends were at subway and we fell short of money to pay and had no way of going back home or college.

8) What will  happen if one day God tells you that you are Devil on earth?
Being an atheist, I wonder if god will ever ask me that question.

9) Who was your first crush or infatuation?
Some guy in my chemistry class.

10) What will you say if one day Obama visits your home and tells you- “Kid! We need you. Now pull your pants up and pack your bags?
Do as instructed, it is Obama, after all.

11) If you were asked to slap one person, who would that be?
Depends on when I am asked, it could be anyone who is being atrocious at that point of time.

Here are my nominations, some of them might have more than 200 followers, nominating them because I follow and like them:

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And finally my 11 questions:

a) What does blogging mean to you?

b) One thing that you can’t do but cannot stop yourself from doing it.

c) If given a chance to go in past, what era would you  choose?

d) Who is your current crush?

e) What would you like to change about India?

f) If there is one person that you are okay with killing or getting killed, who would that be?

g) If you could write a book what would it be about?

h) Who is that one person you can do anything for and why?

i) One country or place you are dying to go to?

j) Is there any law you would like to be abolished? If yes, which one?

k) Being a blogger, how do you reach out to people and keep your readers engaged?

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For the love of Music

Music is something that can bind people. Everyone listens to music, you can have endless conversations on music, about music or just sing songs together. I can talk about music with everyone, from my aunts, uncles, grandparents to my friends. One of my best friends became my friend because we sat together in a bus and eventually got talking about our playlists. She was the only one in college who had heard one of my favorite songs, although can’t remember which one.

So for the love of music I decided I’d share my tracks on the blog every now and then. I would love my readers my readers to share their favorite tracks. Add me on last.fm. And for now here the few of the tracks I am hooked to right now.

1) 3 Rounds and a sound-Blind Pilot

I recently stumbled upon this band, and have fallen in love with their songs, but this one is my favorite. This is the title song of their debut album. Blind Pilot is an Indie Folk band.

Blooming up from the ground
Three rounds and a sound
Like whispering you know me
You know me

2) I’ve got this friend-The Civil wars

This is a beautiful song,  I assume this song is about two narrator’s expressing their feelings for each other, under the facade that they are discussing the romantic potential of their two friends. I love how the two are presented as incredibly guarded, “Holding onto her heart like it’s a little secret“. It has a nice melody and ring to it.

Oh, if the right one came
If the right one came along
Oh, if the right one came, along

3) Rivers and Roads-The Head and the Heart

Rivers and roads can make anyone cry. Listen to it for yourself. Also I really like the video for this. This song somehow makes me think what life will be like after one year when I graduate and leave college and with my brother in a far away state already even more so.


A year from now we’ll all be gone
All our friends will move away
And they’re going to better places
But our friends will be gone away

That’s all for now, hoping to know what you are listening to.

The Storm Called Arnab Goswami

If you are an avid news watcher, there is no way that you haven’t watched at least one of Arnab Goswami’s debates. He is the guy who probably makes the politicians wet their pants and makes Barkha Dutt look sweet and subtle on her shows. The NEWS on Indian channels has seen a paradigm shift. From the monotonous NEWS readers on DD to the war-like discussions we witness now. I am not a fan of the prime time debates on all the channels. All the people featuring on these debates to me look like chickens arguing over which one of them laid maximum eggs, exactly that’s how pointless I find all these debates.

I can’t reason what we are learning from discussing “Whether Bollywood item numbers have a role to play in the rapes happening across the country” or  “Where did Owaissi go wrong with his speech.”  The debates, if at all we can call them debates are absolutely meaningless and a pain to ears.

Source: fakingnews.com

Source: fakingnews.com

Arnab, the most visible face on television today, is probably the only journalist who is not politically biased and popular for asking the politicians the toughest questions putting them in a spot. Remember Renuka Chaudhary’s face when she last came, looked she was going to burst into tears? But, I wonder are these debates conventional enough. Being the anchor shouldn’t he wait for people to answer and listen to them instead of butting in every two seconds to give his personal opinion? Arnab, the nation needs to know why exactly you call people when you don’t let them complete their sentences?

Honestly saying it out loud and blaming politicians for each and every thing is not the answer, it doesn’t help either. Yes, it does put the politicians to shame, probably makes them want to hide their faces but do we ever get a solution? I remember Arnab hosting a debate where he called Abhijeet Mukherjee, president’s son and he kept asking him why he gave the “painted and dented” statement. Mukherjee incessantly kept saying he had withdrawn the statement, but the macho man, the savior of the country; Arnab Goswami kept pressing the issue. Mukherjee, forgive me for the language, is an absolute buffoon to make a statement like that for women but pursuing him that way on the national television didn’t solve the problem either, correct me if it did.

Arnab points out at the issues, sometimes not so precisely, throws facts at generally ignorant guests like he is firing cannonballs at them, makes them uncomfortable, questions his own questions ( I have not seen even one debate concluding productively, there are no answers). His skill lies not in journalism but in creating controversies and providing entertainment through dumbed down, rhetorical news. The nation needs an answer from him, what is the point of News Hour? We demand an answer NOW!!